Relationship Tooltips 1.2.0 Release


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    Jul 25, 2018
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Supported Game Versions

  • 1.3.3



  • Tooltip Specific
    • Tooltips no longer display on Monsters.
    • Tooltips now display pet names, including of other players.
    • Tooltips now flip at right edge of screen.
    • Text should now be centred correctly.
    • Removed unneeded spacing.
  • Gifts
    • Gifting is tracked in json [Can be disabled in config.json].
    • Gifts are not shown unless you have gifted it to the specific NPC before (with the mod) [Can be disabled in config.json].
    • Quest Item turn-in 'gifts' will always show a value of Like, rather than the NPC's expected gifting response.

This is a relatively large update with limited testing, I'd appreciate it if you report the inevitable bugs/issues here.