Relationship Tooltips 2.0.0 Release


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    Sep 8, 2018
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Supported Game Versions

  • 1.3.3


Requirement Changes

* Now requires a Bookcase installation to function correctly. (0.5.0 or later).


  • Added Bookcase dependency (0.5.0 or later).


  • Gifting now is more accurate, as it is no longer based on educated guesswork,   and uses an event provided by Bookcase.
  • Tooltip now displays if you've already gifted today, or have reached your weekly limit.


  • Added API for modifying/writing custom implementations of tooltips.
  • Exposed API to other mods via M3ales.RelationshipTooltips ID.
  • RT passes token around to all registered mods once, then again once all mods have received it. This should allow for modification of other mods' tooltip changes as you see fit.
  • An updated example implementation will be up soonish - currently there is a simple version available for RT 2.0-beta.2. But feel free to look around through source and make your own conclusions - I've documented most of the needed areas.


  • Reworked tooltips
  • Screen tooltips are now implemented. This is a tooltip event that fires for every character currently onscreen, rather than only under the mouse.
  • Horses now have their name displayed.
  • Events will no longer be lacking tooltips.
  • Names should now show for npcs such as Marlon, who will never have a relationship.
  • Added a show all names key (default tab) which will display the names of all NPCs currently onscreen.
  • Villager birthdays are now displayed on tooltip (if it is their birthday today)
  • Players now have tooltips, and will display if its another farmhand or the farm owner.


While this is a major version increment, all previous save data will work fine with this mod as nothing about the giftsave format has changed.